In this 4-Month Relationship Mentorship, you will learn how to love yourself authentically, open your heart to real love, and create relationships that leave you and your current [or future] partners fulfilled on a soul level.

Join me and a community of like-minded people in traversing the tricky waters of self-discovery, emotional intimacy, and sexual exploration.

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Let's Face It:

Relationships--even the really good ones--are triggering, tiring, confusing, and frustrating. This is something to expect in our intimate relationships. And why is that? Because relationships are our #1 greatest mirrors for our most challenging inner work.

imagine if...

How Would Your Life Change...
  • You could completely squash the negative thought spirals in your head that tell you “you don’t deserve a good relationship”
  • You could fully open up in your relationship and be fully seen, accepted, and even worshipped by your partner!
  • You could minimize and use the stress/emotional discomfort as a way to strengthen your relationship as opposed to damage it
  • You felt that butterfly, heart-eyes, honeymoon-stage happiness as the rule in your relationship rather than the exception
  • You could have the exact relationship you want and feel fully loved and accepted by the people around you; especially your partner

I know how exhausting it is to hide your truth from your partner--but especially from yourself.

The energy you spend denying yourself what you really want out of fear, wounding, or even past trauma's is consuming your time & energy--and we're about to change that. 

Your relationship gets to be a place that gives you energy to thrive and feel supported in all areas of your life: career, future family, and tribe-like community. 

program benefits

in the mentorship, you'll get:

program benefits
  • 16 Weeks of Conscious Relationship Workshops & Coaching
  • Guest Trainings from Leading Experts in Sex, Love, and Relationships
  • Relationship Mentorship with Whitney Miller
  • Mentorship and workshops with expert Sex, Love & Relationship co- coach Sarinia Bryant
  • A Facebook Community & tribe of Like-Minded, Conscious Individuals on the path to Authentic Relationships
  • BONUS: 5 Expert audio trainings from previous guest coaches

Hey, I'm Your Mentor Whitney

I’m Whitney--a Sex, Love, Relationship Coach who focuses on helping singles and couples find freedom and liberation in the relationship style they desire through my coaching methods and mentorships. I’m the co-host of the True Sex and Wild Love Podcast--a Top 100 Sexuality Podcast--and since starting my coaching business in 2017, I’ve supported hundreds of clients across the globe and every different relationship construct you could think of. Through my own deep (and public) exploration of open and unconventional relationships, I discovered the depth of my psyche and heart and I am deeply passionate about helping others do the same

take a peek
into the modules.


The Self: Rituals, Practices, Self-Connection

The first step in our journey together will be connecting you to your own desires, building self-love & self- acceptance rituals and practices, and defining a clear vision for your relationship future. Expect to feel empowered, confident, and clear about what you truly want with a roadmap to receive all that you desire.


The Self: Healing Past Wounds

Next, we’ll deep dive into your past and uncover the history that has created protection barriers around your heart. We will walk you through a trauma healing workshop so you can begin to liberate yourself from the past. Freedom begins here!


Relationship: A Shared Vision + Communication/Conflict Resolution

In Workshop 3, we take a deep dive to learn the unique way each of us receive love fully, and how we can show up for our partner in the unique way that speaks to their heart, and how to navigate conflict so that it strengthens the relationship.

Expect to feel excited and enthusiastic about your future. When it comes to relationships and having a shared vision and supporting each other in that, vision is imperative.


Relationship: Boundaries, Agreements, Jealously

When we’re attempting to resolve conflict in relationships, the three key struggles people face are disagreements, overstepped or under-defined boundaries, and difficult emotions like jealousy. This workshop will be a deep dive in navigating triggers and staying in love when these heightened emotions show up. 


Relationship: Deeper Conflict Resolution

This Workshop will go deep into why we attract certain people, and how the same lessons can show up in our relationship over and over so as to be a mirror for our deepest inner work. We will break down the spirituality, energetics, and attachment styles underneath the partners we find ourselves with.


Sex: The Science of Sexuality + Intimacy

Feeling safe to express and explore your desires is a big part of true intimacy. In this workshop, we open ourselves up to the world of our sexuality and our fantasies. We will understand the science behind why we crave a vibrant sex life, what that looks like and how to cultivate and maintain deep sexual connection that is full of love, fun and mind blowing pleasure.


Sex: Fantasies, Exploration, Open

Having a safe space for an authentic, open dialogue about what kind of relationship construct and/or sexual experiences you either desire or want to explore is an important part of feeling seen and understood. This workshop will provide a discussion on unconventional relationship styles, how to begin exploring and discussing fantasies, and create safe spaces for your sexual expression to be honored. 


Sex: Kenneth Play Sexual How-To

Sex is a major part of our lives, and being able to do it well is SO empowering! Sex Hacker/Educator Kenneth Play teaches us how to have unparalleled pleasure, epic experiences, and being an outstanding lover through sexual techniques and mastery.


Integration: Plans Moving Forward

Time to look back at the old version of you and celebrate who you have become and the potential of your relationships. After this transformative journey, the final two weeks, we bring it all together. Expect to feel eager to dig into the wisdom and knowledge gained and passionate about living and loving in a way you have always dreamed!


client stories

It is such an incredible experience being coached by Whitney.

Her presence is warm and kind and she is skilled at gently uncovering difficult truths and bringing them to the light with so much love and perfectly placed guidance. Whitney has helped me elevate my consciousness and to accept and treat myself with the love and care I’d neglected for so long and access my full blossoming potential.

Meetings together are so positive, full of raw unadulterated truths and deep respect for my path.

The energy from Whitney is that of acceptance, love and understanding and her guidance is perfect, leaving every session with a clear and deeper understanding of myself and how to best move forward.

 Anyone who is even briefly considering coaching with Whitney should honor themselves by doing so as she is gifted with the ability to shift your relationship with yourself and others in a positive and conscious direction."

Tziporah Lorincz Australia

Prior to working with Whitney I felt stuck in a relationship purgatory. I wasn't sure how to move forward in a positive, healthy way. I have learned so much from her and I know the work is all very worth it. I am emerging from this process with a better self understanding and healthier relationship.

Madeline M. USA

We started working with Whitney while things were going well actually. We believed getting a relationship coach is like getting any other coach and that is to help you progress to the next level.

The benefits where better communication, new ways to resolve conflict and a deeper understanding of what is possible in a relationship and what type of structure might work best for you as each relationship is unique.

If you're thinking of getting a coach then go and book in a session with Whitney, she will make you feel comfortable to express your true feelings in a safe environment where there is ZERO judgement. This allows a space for some real growth.I highly recommend working with Whitney.

Chris W Australia

I've been working with Whitney for over a year now, just knowing that she is in my corner has totally expanded my confidence in digging into my truth & expressing to my partner & most importantly to myself!... I've been able to vocalise things I was afraid to say, she helped me to remove the guilt & the shame from it all. Whitney was able to be a super solid space for my partner and I when we had fires, she helped us to create more space, and be more loving, compassionate and honest with each other. Even the act of investing in a relationship coach is a huge expansion because it says 'this is important to me', where focus goes energy flows.

Freya S Thailand

I reached out to Whitney Miller for some personal relationship advice on a topic that I didn’t feel comfortable speaking about anywhere else. The experience with Whitney Miller was professional, confidential and booking the appointment was a “snap”! The information she shared was super insightful for me and my situation. 


If you have listened to her podcast or followed her on social media; you know that her life experiences and the exposure to the world give her credibility and depth.  That exposure and her demeanor are the filters that I was seeking to get resolution for my needs and she delivered! To find success  investing in the market, buying a house, or to tone up your physique…we hire professionals to coach us in these areas.  Do the same for the health and success of your relationship!  Reach out to Whit!" 



Brandon S TEXAS

this program is
perfect for you if...

  • You’re a single wanting to heal your relationship with yourself and embody an empowered, confident, clear version of you so you can attract your ideal partner
  • You’re in relationship and are ready take responsibility for your half in order to benefit the relationship as a whole - even if your partner is unable to join you 
  • You’re in relationship and each person is ready to go on an adventure together as a way to show up for each other in deeper, more loving ways. 
  • You’re ready break free of past programming that no longer serves you, feel fulfilled in the relationship you deeply desire, and feel fully liberated in your authentic self-expression
Sarinia Bryant

Meet Your Expert Co- Coach

Sarinia Bryant is a deeply intuitive, transformational relationship coach. She coaches her clients, like you, how to alchemize their pain into power and reconnect to the truth of who and what they are (Love). You may know her as a “relationship coach” but she is really a truth coach.
She believes that relationships are one of the most powerful vessels for highlighting exactly what is blocking us from living in truth. Fear, not-enoughness, anxiety, unworthiness- you know the stuff.
After studying thousands of hours of material on all things love and relationships for the last 10 years, you’ll find her content dripping in truth. She teaches you how to attract true, authentic love into your life.
‣ Spiritual psychology
‣ Feminine radiance
‣ Developing true intimacy
‣ Sacred union of feminine and masculine
‣ Deep, soul healing
Mentorship Programs


TogetherNLove 4-Month Mentorship Program

4 Month Group Mentorship with Whitney

- 16 Workshops

- Facebook Community

- Guest Experts


4 Month Mentorship program + VIP access and 1-1 personalized coaching with Whitney

Who is this program for?

This program is for singles or people in relationship that desire to connect on a deeper level and gain tools to navigate anything that inevitably arises in interpersonal relationships. This program is not for people who are going through a break up. I will have a program on how to heal your heart very soon.

Can I do this program if my partner(s) are unable to join me?

Yes! Absolutely. This program will significantly benefit your relationship to yourself and give you specific tools to improve how you show up in your relationships.

Why should I sign up for the VIP Upgrade Package?

This 4 month mentorship will completely open you up to new ways of thinking and being. The VIP package allows you to take an even deeper dive with Whitney. Together you will experience greater clarity into any specific question or situation that may arise along the way.

I've had other coaches/therapists before. What makes this different?

The truth is: all forms of therapy and coaching can really work for you, but there's so much to explore within yourself that having a growth-mindset allows you to continuously get what you put into your investment. With this group specifically: finding people whose energy you really resonate with is such a powerful tool for feeling accepted. If you feel called to me and those who I'd attract in my community, t's an opportunity to listen to your intuition and find like-minded tribe.

What's the investment?

The core program will be a 4-figure investment. This experience will not only teach you powerful relationship tools, but we'll also be doing deep healing work and transformation that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

How much time will I need to spend every week on this course?

Each week, you'll have the opportunity to be on a high-level 90 minute workshops. Aside from that, you'll have extra video content and journal prompts from me throughout the week for deeper dives into your healing and self-exploration. The facebook community is truly for you--questions, conversations, and reflections are on your own time. But my guess is, you'll 100% want to be inside there.

I want this, but I'm feeling nervous. Help?

They say truth sounds like a calm, grounded, yet terrifying sentence commanding you to do something. The ego usually talk you out of the thing it knows you truly need to do, but feel scared of doing. The decision is always up to you, but fear is often an indicator that there's growth available for us.

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